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UFN has created a user-friendly and cutting-edge website system designed to regain your business from order gatherers and wire services. By including selection guide management, order processing, and more in one easy interface, United Florist Network lets you get back to doing what you love - designing arrangements!

United Florist Network , UFN, offers a solution for today’s florists by bringing together local florists with their potential customers. UFN helps you to regain your business from the hands of the order gatherers and wire services. Now you can regulate your own orders through the selection guide management and much more through an easy interface.

UFN provides you with the perfect platform and the interface to set up your profile, providing general information about your shop, store hours, holiday closures, delivery fees, cut off times for same-day delivery, details about payment gateways and accepted credit cards, tax rates, and more. One of the most innovative features of UFN is the automatic printing setting. Whenever an order is placed it will be automatically sent to your printer, ensuring you an effortless experience of staying organized. Even when you are not logged into your UFN account you can keep track of your orders, as they will be sent directly to your printer. You can also create various kinds of coupons for any occasion to ensure repeat customers.

You can use the step-by-step custom product tool and add your own custom work to enhance sale. It is an easy and sure way to establish credibility. The UFN interface provides unlimited categories to choose from and an easy-upload tool which automatically resizes your images and makes them web-optimized. The UFN website automatically resizes the screen by detecting the type of device your customer is using, whether it is a desktop, mobile phone, or a tablet, thereby optimizing their experience. UFN’s lightning fast server ensures that your website loads quickly and efficiently on any internet connection.

UFN provides for an easy administrative interface that gives you maximum control over your homepage. You can easily change what you want to feature on your homepage to feature holiday and seasonal products. You can also customize the homepage based on your choice of customers you want to target. One of the biggest boons that e-commerce has brought about is easy transaction between customer and seller. This has also brought in security issues. However, UFN’s premium security features make your customers’ sensitive data safe and secure. It also provides you security over the transactions that you make. There are prominent security badges that appear on each page helping to prevent fraud.

United Florist Network selection guide includes a huge variety of selections that would cater to every market, price range as well as design style. You have total control over what you want to feature on your website, the customization process being simple and easy. UFN gives you and your customers a wide range to select from North America’s most popular and readily available flowers. UFN also ensures that only the best get featured, making you a member of an elite club. UFN allows you set your prices and the profit margin that you would like to maintain. Plus, UFN does not sell codified containers. This usually cuts into your profit, which is avoided here. Rather we use standard wholesale containers for all orders thereby helping you to enjoy wider profit.

United Florist Network has created a user-friendly and cutting-edge website system designed to regain your business from order gatherers and wire services.